Is This You?

Although I customize my work for every client, there are some common scenarios I see come up again and again:

  • Six months after that energetic and creative offsite retreat you’ve all fallen back into your old patterns.
  • Your management team meetings seem to go well with no observable conflicts, however you frequently learn afterwards that some members are grumbling.
  • You have a compelling vision as Founder/CEO, but it seems you’re easily distracted and the team then loses focus. This happens so often that there is cynicism around new initiatives.
  • While the leaders say they’re open to feedback, there have been too many instances where taking that risk hasn’t paid off for staff members.

. . . and a few more that have unpleasant outcomes:

  • You continuously set sales goals, only to fall short. Now you’re in a situation where not only are you missing sales, you’re seeing more quality and on-time issues arise.
  • One of your star performers just gave notice, and this represents a major
    setback for your team. You sense there is more to their story than “pursuing other opportunities” but you admit you’re clueless.

Do any of these sound like you? Let’s talk.

Most of my clients have the following criteria in common:


Revenues of $1.5mil or greater

Commitment to a multiple bottom line business model

I’ve worked in a huge variety of industries, including retail, technology, hospitality, manufacturing, professional service
providers, financial institutions, and start-ups. We share these values:

  • Integrity in the way business is done – around finances, sales/marketing, and relationships.
  • A recognition that there is no quick fix to changing patterns in the culture
  • While it is important to get a sense of how the work will be done there’s also a willingness to go into the unknown
  • A sense of the business serving a higher purpose

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