How It Works

The Principles That Guide My Work

My Five Core Principles

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work with over one hundred businesses and organizations over the last eighteen years. I’m continuously learning about new concepts, models, and best practices. In addition, I continue to learn more about myself (and that’s a bonus!). I have a number of core principles that apply in every engagement.

  1. A “container of trust: Without this, there is no ability to enter new territory together. This starts from the first conversation, and can be strengthened across the system.
  2. Examining the patterns: I’ll see things in your culture that are in your blind spot, and point them out in ways that are actionable.
  3. Doing “the work”: This means changing the communication, interactions, and behaviors over a period of time, as I balance supporting and challenging the individuals and groups in your business.
  4. Transfer of process ownership: Initially, I’ll be in the lead, but only until it belongs to you, otherwise it “evaporates.” Besides, one goal of bringing me in is to eventually get rid of me!
  5. Sustaining change: New patterns need to be implemented over time, since there’s no magic wand. While transformative change is delightful, more often it’s a matter of developing new practices.

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“Flip Brown came in to our organization, made positive connections with everyone he worked with, and provided valuable guide service for us on our path to get higher up the mountain.”

JAY COEN GILBERT, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, B Lab