Let’s Work Together


If you’re the owner and/or leader of a business, here are some options:

  • The Cultural Assessment Process – How to get an experienced and helpful outside perspective on how you work together and recommendations for improvement
  • Collaborative Commitment to Change – A six to twelve month process to improve business results, professional development, and company morale
  • “Is It a Match?”—determining the cultural fit of a potential new hire
  • Taking Your Retreat Forward—How to achieve lasting traction from an awesome off-site

If you’re looking for a keynote or workshop:

  • Optimal Workplace Cultures: The Ideal Blend of Success, Satisfaction, and Spirit
  • How Organizational Change Happens (and Why it Usually Doesn’t!)
  • Work-Life Balance is Dead: How to Live Well Anyway
  • Teaming with Success: Understanding Group Dynamics, Patterns, and Outcomes

If you’re interested in a confidential sounding board, I do work with individuals around workplace transitions, professional development, and as a mentor and coach. Please contact me for more info.

Being Human, Being at Work”—annual interactive sessions limited to sixteen participants at the Breitenbush Hot Springs and Retreat Center in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. Out in nature, off the grid, yummy vegetarian meals, no cell or Internet service. Offered in January and April. www.breitenbush.com

Ready to move something forward? Please fill out the confidential inquiry form, and I’ll get back to you on how to schedule a complimentary consultation.